June 18, 2017

The Entertainment Unit

This afternoon, I went into my living room and opened up the doors of the entertainment unit to see what a mess I was going to make in this decluttering session.

Now, this entertainment unit is old... so old I remember when Uncle Allan bought it. I was seventeen years old and he was living at Dunrod Street, Holland Park West. His house is no longer there anymore as it's been replaced by what passes for a stylish home nowadays (better known as a concrete monstrosity). But I remember the night he had the family over to see his new entertainment unit... and that I was kind of pushed out of the way by everyone else when I was looking at it. But all I did was run my hand along the top of it, say it was pretty and then get pushed out of the way; at which point I walked off and admired it from across the room. I was asked if I liked it or not - and I said Uncle Allan: 'It's gorgeous.'
Fast forward to 2011 and he calls me up telling me that he'd bought new television, but forgot to measure the space in the entertainment unit... and would I like it? This was the same unit he'd bought way back when I was seventeen years old. Would I like this piece of furniture? Of course I would! 

Now, today, I opened the bottom doors to be greeted with so much junk!!! But then, it was supposed to be used as storage under there, just not this kind of storage. 

Most of the things in there are VCR tapes - so many of them! - and none of them work on the digital television; but I can hear them. Such a pity about the visual being static. So, we're going to get them all put onto dvds so we can watch them whenever we want. 
Anyway, I got my videos all into boxes and worked out, and sorted out everything else in the entertainment unit as well. Now, I have so much more space! I can store the 70's ice bucket, my new iron and knee rugs for the living room, as well as some dvds and cds and a lazy susan I have bought for special occasions. 

So, how much more of your own place have you gotten done? I'm so please I got the entertainment unit fixed up today. 

June 17, 2017


Today, I went out to a charity store and did some very cool op-shopping. I scored 2 ice buckets. One was 1970's and once was a much smaller one from around 1930's. The 70's one was plastic and insulated, while the 30's one was glass and metal and looked gorgeous and tiny. So, I polished up the glass one and displayed it on my piano, and looked around the house to put the 70's one so I could use it. 

But I couldn't find a place for it.

So, I opened the bottom doors of the entertainment unit and found it was filled with boxes from my kitchen items. However, these were lined so I could put my Bird Collection items away when the time came and I needed to move; and I could put them inside their right boxes. 
I pulled them out of the unit, and found just how many VCR tapes I had of some great films - all collector's items - and I have just kept them for one reason or another. But now, I really don't need them anymore. So, over the next day or so, I'll be pulling them out and bagging them up to sell online for a collector to buy off me.

Anyway, I grabbed the boxes and went to put them into the kitchen (where there's a cabinet I could fit them all) but I found there were still more boxes! These boxes were from mugs I have bought over the years. So, I organised which ones to throw out and which ones to keep and then bagged up the ones to toss and did just that! Now, I have room in the entertainment unit for my 70's ice box and my boxes for my Bird Collection mugs, sugar bowl, creamer and salt'n'pepper shakers are all under the counter where they belong.

The next thing I need to do - I think is create a bar for my growing collection of items... but where would I make it? There's so little room here. So, how is your decluttering going? Better than mine I hope... I'm still one step forwards and two steps back at times. But today was a good day.

June 15, 2017

Craft Gear Toss-Out

Being a crafter and painter, I find it difficult to throw out things to do with my creative side. Seriously, you should see how much paperwork I have to do with books and my writing still sitting around my office! 

It's atrocious! 

Anyway, seeing I'm down with a head cold this week, I've forced myself to open the house up and pull out my craft gear from my bedroom to sort through.

As Peter Walsh always says in step 1 of everything: pull it all out onto the floor! And that's what I've done. And wouldn't you believe it? I've got a vintage suitcase of yarn - yes I have that much knitting yarn that it requires a suitcase to store it! I've also got about 5 other reusable bags filled with yarn too!

Man, have I got some yarn! But that's what happens when I buy it on the cheap at craft group, have nowhere to put it and toss it into the wardrobe without thinking. Then, months later, look up there and think: 'Wow, that's a lot of yarn!' 

Anyway, I pulled down a few bags and the suitcase and began going through them in my living room - it's just that I find it easier to work in a larger space than my bedroom there; plus with the front window open, it was nice to get some fresh air into the living room. 
I tossed out a full bin of crap I didn't need, found some yarn I wanted to use, found some needlepoint yarn I had been looking for and then found some ties I had stitched up to sew onto some old cushion covers from the lounge. I reorganised the suitcase to take everything better - put the ties into colours in ziplock bags and then found I had a lot more space in it... which will mean when I want to put it all away this arvo, the space will be there! 


Well, that was only half the craft gear I've stored away in bedroom wardrobe. Now, to see what other crap I've shoved up into the top of my wardrobe over the past 6 months. I seriously need a craft room - that means a 3rd bedroom. Yes, that means I have to move out of here... but where to? So, how is your cleaning out going? 

June 06, 2017

Depression And Decluttering

I'm suffering from the Black Dog - have been for some time; have also been trying to ignore it for just as long. In the last week, it's really jumped on me and so it's bothering me quite a bit.

In the past week, I looked on the fridge - at my tally of the donations - and found that I've donated 10 times to my local charity stores. This is more than I did last year (which was 9 times), and yet it's only June. So, there's more to donate before the year is out.

However, I'm just finding it hard to get myself back into the decluttering this month. So, I haven't ignored you guys. I'm not motivated right now. 

In amongst all the decluttering and the dumping of my lounge at the tip (I can't believe I had to do that - what a waste!), I am attending art school and have a workshop this weekend to keep myself active. I'm not keeping quiet about my depression - as it's just not me to keep this kind of thing bottled up, and talking about it usually helps me. 

The house has come so far, and I've donated so much over the years. However, now, I know it's time I moved into a proper, real house; and out of the townhouse. This is a financial thing as well as a situational and area thing... I don't do my grocery shopping where I live, I don't socialise with anyone in the unit complex and I don't talk to any of my neighbours anymore - this is over the past 6 months - and so these are strong signals that it's time to move. My brother has noticed my silence and that my need to get out - as I'm never home when he calls me - and he's told me that I need to move and I have agreed with him. 

So, it's a matter of getting my folks to agree to moving me as well. This will take time... until then, I'll have to live with my depression and keep on cleaning out my tiny townhouse until they realise I'm truly not happy with my living situation. But I'd like to move within a year. I know that sounds like a short amount of time; but really, it doesn't take me long to find a place to live, and I would like to start looking soon so I can take my 70's retro style to the next level, and not be stuck with a tiny house unable to have a dinner party, bbq or friends come over without them feeling as though we're sitting on top of each other. 

May 30, 2017

Jane of All Trades

When you declutter your home, you discover that your home could do with a vacuum or a dust - or the furniture could do with a polish or a bit of the fix-up. It's just the Jack - or Jane - of all trades in us that makes us do this. 

Recently, my brother and I had been chatting on the phone about what's going to happen to my place over the next year. He asked me if I'd like to move away from it and into a 'real house' (this is a house on a block of land, with an actual driveway and lock-up garage), and I said yes, that's the aim. He asked me what I'd like to have in the way of a home. I told him a 3-bedroom place would be nice, with a good-sized laundry and an open-plan house (where I'd be able to use the furniture to its full extent instead of working around large counters and walls). He could see where I was coming from; and knew I'd love a place where I could spread out and I could have friends over for a bbq or dinner without worrying about offending my neighbours (as in townhouse complexes you have to make sure you don't bother people).

But with me decluttering and throwing out more than ever, I'm almost at the end of my journey. This doesn't mean I'm not going to post anymore, and it doesn't mean I'm cured of my cluttering problem. And it is a problem; as I'm always bringing home something and never have the space to put it. 

I still have a lot of craft gear I have to store in plastic boxes. I still have to move things around the living room to polish the piano. I still have to work on decluttering the home office in a huge way every few months. And the problem I have is that my place can't handle my things.

Now, don't get me wrong: I no longer have crap around my house. I have useful items, which don't have a home. And this is bad. I'm in great need of a bigger place where I can house my craft and art gear, have a library and my home office and make my living room, dining area and kitchen really look and feel great. The problem is that I'm powerless to get the wheels turning in the direction I want them to. 

I gotta be a Jane of all trades to start fixing up my place in the smallest of ways, to help my folks in some way to fix this place up. I just hope they see what I'm doing as a positive thing... cleaning out, cleaning up, and fixing up. 

May 28, 2017

The Piano

Today, I moved the chairs out of the way and took everything off the top of the piano, used a microfibre cloth and wiped it down. The amount of dust that came off amazed me.

I then realised how dry the piano really was and pulled out the furniture polish and got stuck into it. At this time of year - Autumn/Fall - these instruments really dry out in a big way. So, I try to keep the polish up to them before the dust marks them permanently. I also checked the glass inside it. Water is good for a piano - especially during a lot of rain. Strangely enough, pianos 'drink' a lot more water during a deluge than they do during a dry spell; and every piano tuner I've spoken to doesn't know why. However the instrument can tell you when it's getting dry as it starts to knock; it sounds as though somebody is knocking on your front door, it's that clear. 

It was thirsty today. But it was lovely to get the polish into it. I use a bees wax polish - not a synthetic-based one - as it's better for the wood and is a natural way of polishing timber; and the smell is really nice too.

Then, I put the doilies back onto the top of it and sorted out what was staying (the blue glasses and silver candelabra and the new decanta) and what was going into the Donation Box (the three coffee-related candles I bought on a whim about 3 years ago and never used). Otherwise, I'm making sure it will never get overcrowded on top of the piano again, by making sure it only has the items on there that suit the decor of the room.

Well, it was a good day otherwise. I got that done, and I got one bag of rubbish sorted out from the Home Office too. I'm really proud of myself. So, what did you get up to in your decluttering today? 

May 26, 2017

The Plans of Mice and Men

As with a lot of plans, not everything this week has turned out the way I planned. My sofa-bed didn't end up being picked up by any charity I had in mind. Nobody wanted to buy it or take it off my hands for nothing. And I couldn't just leave it outside my unit/townhouse complex (as that's illegal in my area). 

Nope. I thought the Browns Plains Smart Tip would take it off my hands... but oh, was I in for a surprise there! 

Dad and I arrived there and the guy at the weigh station asked if anything was wrong with the lounge and we said, 'A small tear.' he said, 'Nah, they won't take that, it has to be dumped.' 

I mean... what????

Aren't we supposed to be trying not to adding to the landfill? 

As you can well imagine I was mad as all hell after we dumped it. There wasn't anything wrong with the lounge... just that 20cm tear in the top of one of the arms. How pathetic can it get?

It's taken me over 24 hours to really get over this. I've never felt so let down over how society's ego can be so big over a tiny tear in a 30 year old lounge. Exactly what do they expect me to do, spend $3,000 on it then sell it for $300? I don't think so!

Well, today, I slept in because I felt so exhausted and had had nightmares about all the fruit'n'veggie places I visit normally being filled with oranges and lemons (things I can't eat) and a city burning down while I stood by and watch and everyone else panicked, screaming and running around me. I woke up exhausted and didn't want to get out bed.

When I got some of the housework done, I looked at my Donation Box and found a lot of the things in it could be donated, some of the things in it could be recycled and a little could just be tossed in with the general waste. Once it was all sorted out, I packed the car and went off to the local Vinnies and donated it all... yes, I felt better. Then, I found 2 pairs of jeans, a work basket, a lovely set of coasters and a gorgeous decanter... all up, I spent $24. Not a bad day at the Vinnies at Underwood. I could have easily bought all the craft gear there... as there was a deceased estate of it all there sitting on a table.

But I'm trying to keep my craft gear to a minimum; and I'm more looking at collecting oil paints and brushes than glue gun glue and beads. So, I was good today.